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What’s in a Name? Most of us born into this contemporary world have no choice in our name. Our names influence the course of our life purpose and our destiny. Our name also affects the family members around us. The Naming Ceremony is for those seeking a spirit name and for those wanting to gift their newborn children with a deeper understanding of the power of their given names. It is our first rite of passage on our Earth walk. In many cultures the baby’s name represents many aspects of Nature, mystical entities, saints or other names from holy books. Sometimes the name given by the parents to the child has such a deep meaning that only they know its truth.


This name will protect the child from unwanted energies and gives the child a sense of safety and belonging, honour and respect.

The Naming Ceremony is a welcoming of your soul into the physical world. This is why it is so important to integrate this Earth wisdom now. We are all Wisdom Keepers who deserve to honour our souls, I spend a lot of time doing soul retrieval, helping people remember their soul which has not been honoured and awakened into its true life purpose. So whether you are two or 72 it is time to call your soul into being. Your soul will know your real name and who you truly are. It takes great courage to be on the Earth in the physical body.

There are many ways of undertaking this ceremony. Your local spiritual church can perform naming ceremonies, or you can seek out those who work within the traditions of your birthland. Remember your name is the foundation for the other rites of passage that follow, so choose wisely. Always bring a gift to them and remain aware of which land you are on and the traditions of the gift, be it tobacco or chocolate. Ask someone who knows the elder you are approaching which gift is appropriate to bring with you. At a chosen time you will approach the elder and ask for a soul name. If you already have your name gifted to you by spirit in your vision quest, you can let them know you had a vision of your name and would like a naming ceremony. The elder will go away and sit with spirit to pray for a name for you. They will call on your ancestors, the appropriate gods and goddesses of your traditions, and the ancestors of the land you are upon. These prayers give the elder deep insight into the name that will be given to you. The ceremony will ideally take place at sites sacred to both you and the elder. The elder and his or her helpers will have prepared the site. Your soul name is Creator’s way of reconnecting you to your true form of Spirit. You are Nature, not a part of or separate from, but complete and whole as one living life form called Creation.

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