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Reclaim Your Dark Goddess - The alchemy of transformation

Reclaim Your Dark Goddess - The alchemy of transformation


It is the Dark Goddess who instigates big changes, in return for new life. She is the Dark One who spins your web of fate and teaches, through her deep wisdom, harsh life lessons that many wish to avoid.

She is present at midnight, the witching hour, and embraces her shadow side, the side we all try to avoid, for she is one who knows exactly who she is. She is death and rebirth, and if you are not afraid to leave all of your hurts behind in return for a little transformation she will strip you of all you no longer need, in a heart beat. She will wave her wand and bestow upon you all of Her gifts of magical powers and peace of mind, in return for your surrender.

You must have faith in the process as you are introduced to each dark goddess in turn, during each phase. Just as you wouldn't like to be told the ending of a movie you were watching, it's so important to completely surrender and trust in the mystery as you walk towards your goal of ultimate transformation. For it will all become clear as you follow the wisdom of each of the dark goddesses you are to meet, at every stage of the dark night of the soul.

She is waiting for you now in her many forms, as she beckons you to take your first sacred steps into the darkness.

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