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The Shaman Within – Reclaiming our Rites of Passage

The Shaman Within – Reclaiming our Rites of Passage


This No.1 bestseller is so good it has been printed twice! Now published by ‘Moon Books’, it walks with you to reclaim your natural rites of passage, and create your own path to enlightenment. By tapping into the teachings our ancestors have accumulated since we first set foot on Earth, we access the ‘Shaman Within’, the key to a wonderful life...


By Barabara Meiklejohn-Free
Foreword by Ed McGaa, Eagle Man
Extent: 264 pages
ISBN: 9781782793052
Moon Books (Winchester, UK & Washington, USA)

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    The Shaman Within explains how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits. Through a very personal journey; the travels, experiences, rituals, highs and lows of the protagonist, an amazing tapestry of insights and answers is woven before your very eyes. And the threads of this tapestry consist of the incredible healing and empowerment that our long forgotten ‘rites of passage’ afford us. The lessons within enable us to feel more complete, at one with ourselves, our environment and the universe that created us. This beautifully illustrated book speaks to all who seek true fulfilment and imparts the tools to achieve it.

    What others have said about this book:

    ‘This is a remarkable modern quest romance with the Divine, embodying one of the most important strands of contemporary non-establishment spirituality and linking together cultures in two different hemispheres. It shows how, with an unrestrained eclecticism, traditions from and different peoples can be brought together in a seamless whole. It also provides one of the best illustrations that I have ever read of the personal process of encountering spirit worlds, and the constructive uses to which those encounters can be put in order to advance human evolution.’ Professor Ronald Hutton, Head of History at the University of Bristol, Fellow of the Royal Society and of the Society of Antiquaries, Commissioner of English Heritage.

    ‘Once I began reading this book I couldn’t put it down. Barbara delivers a powerful and timely message. Through accounts of her own experiences and the timeless wisdom passed onto her by many wise teachers, we are taken on a journey of discovery of ourselves, leading us to a deeper and more profound awareness of all that we are.’ Dr David Hamilton, scientist, speaker and Hay House best-selling author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, and Is Your life Mapped Out? 

    ‘Discover a shamanic understanding of the universal web of life and the fundamental interconnectivity of the whole-world. Barbara re-envisions ancient and re-emerging wisdom in a wonderfully relevant and timely way. By describing her own profound and revelatory experiences, she demonstrates their universal insights, truths and awareness for all of us – if we are willing to let go of our limited perceptions. Thank you for such a heart-felt guide that empowers everyone to discover their Shaman Within.’ Dr Jude Currivan, cosmologist, healer and author of The 8th Chakra and HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth

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