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Way of the Faery Shaman

Way of the Faery Shaman


Just on pre-orders alone, this No.1 bestseller is Flavia’s first contribution to the ‘Shaman Pathways’ series. Published by ‘Moon Books’, it gives you an insight as to who the Faeries really are, which element they are connected to, and how to work with that element in order to bring about the magic that is actually all around us.


By Flavia Kate Peters
Foreword by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Extent: 84 pages
ISBN: 9781782799054
Moon Books (Winchester, UK & Washington, USA)

  • About

    Way Of The Faery Shaman invites you to answer Earth’s call for help to allow us to live well on and of ‘her’. Speaking to you through the Fae, you are being asked to harness the power of Nature. In return the Fae offer assistance to enable you to thrive in this very modern world, in balance and harmony, and with a sprinkle of very real magic. Filled with practical meditations, exercises and ceremonies, this handy little book can really transform the way you live your life.

    What others have said about this book:

    ‘Flavia’s words will make you feel the joy and magic of the Faery realm all over again. Voices from childhood return, and I feel the urge to clap… these aren’t just the pretty sprites of the Victorians but true tales of the land, beautifully told, in all their Puckish wildness.’ Cat Treadwell, Druid Priestess and author of Facing the Darkness.

    ‘My inspiration comes from my love of nature and fascination for ancient legend, just as Flavia’s words of guidance in this book do. We both agree ‘Fae’ represents the natural world we live in, and now more than ever, it is a communion with this world that we must cultivate and respect in order to once again bring about the real beauty in humanity.’ Linda Ravenscroft, world renowned Fairy & Fantasy Artist.


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