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Witches' Kitchen Oracle Cards

Witches' Kitchen Oracle Cards


Time to go back to your roots and harness the power of nature. Engage with the messages and medicines of plants and herbs, and invoke your inner Kitchen Witch. These cards will help you to cook up and stir in the ingredients to connect you to the cauldron of life. From root to tip, each card reveals remedies, salves, tinctures, lotions and potions to create wellbeing in your life. Enter this magical space and draw upon wisdoms and recipes still relevant in the kitchen today.

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    By Barabara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters with artist Richard Crookes
    Cards: 48, Book Extent: 110,
    ISBN: 978-0-9955516-6-4, Solarus Publishing

    This Witches’ Kitchen Oracle Set contains:

    *48 gold gilded oracle cards encapusalting the wisdom of the Wise; healers, teachers, herbalists and gifted oracles who are the custodians of the magical potency of the Craft

    *Key focus words

    *A comprehensive guidebook on how to use the information

    *Sample spreads

    *Easy to remember and repeat invocations

    *A detailed reading

    *Recommended recipe

    *Factual information about each ingredient


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