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Witches' Moon Magick Oracle Deck

Witches' Moon Magick Oracle Deck


Authors: Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free.

Designed by: Kate Osborne 


Does the allure of the soft, pale light of the Moon stir the magick within your heart? 

The Moon has always been a fascination and yet, still remains a mystery.  For it  seems to contain a magick all its own. The allure of the Moon has a place in our hearts, as it did in the hearts of our witchy ancestors. Its luminosity hints at our celestial origins and is a constant icon of lunar power. 


How do you feel when you imagine bathing at the magical time of midnight within a natural pool, in a forest glade under the milky light of the moon? Perhaps it open up a faint memory, a recollection upon ancient times.


All things in life are interconnected, beyond separation and so the frequencies emanating from the Moon affect our feelings, emotions and desires. Therefore, the Moon plays a very profound role when it comes to spell casting and magick, for it is the moon that rules the subconscious mind. Which is why the moon also affects our moods. 


When the moon is waning we begin to withdraw and go within, and find that we are much more outgoing when the moon waxes towards the full moon. The moon really does determine how we behave. Today we don't take into account the full powers of the moon, and how they affect us every day.  Stories of werewolves surround the phase of a Full Moon, of men turning into wild beasts, creating destruction and merry hell. Remember that much truths are connected to stories of old. 


Witches understand that magick and spell casting can be enhanced by becoming acquainted with the phases of the Moon. When we cast spells we work with the subconscious mind and the specific moon phases the energy of the Moon is accessed and utilised for its transformational powers. 


Waiting for the correct phase of the Moon to make your magick will enhance the ultimate results. The full moon is a powerful time to attract love, abundance, creativity and positive energy, for example. The Full Moon is when the moon's magick is at its optimum and will charge you up with natural powers. It will also do the same for your crystals. Leave on a window-sill under the Full Moon's gaze, for an ultimate super charge of magickal empowerment. Likewise, the Dark Moon is a time for darker bane magick and banishment, as witches connect with the barren void energy of the Crone it emits. 


The ancients considered the moon to be the 'Mother of Witchcraft' and the names of each of the Full Moons  presented in this Oracle deck is taken from the path of Olde Witchcraft.  

Each phase of the moon represents the Triple Goddess in the form of Maiden (purity, youth, innocence), Mother (nurturing, growth, maturity)  and Crone (transformation, releasing, death of the old), in conjunction with the cycles of the moon. 


Therefore each moon phase represents a magical meaning as well as goddess energy, which can be used and called upon to assist in spell-casting and your magickal intentions.


Never forget that the energy of the moon lives within you as you work in conjunction with her phases, honouring at all times the New, Full and Dark aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone, respectively.


These cards reveal ancient witches’ wisdom and empowering potential of the Moon’s influence on ritual magick and spellcasting. From traditional Moon phases to rarer Moon occurrences, this deck illuminates the source of your inner magick and highlights the path you are to take.....


© Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free.

Publisher: Solarus Publishing Ltd


This Oracle contains 

*48 cards containing the magick of the Moon in all its guises

*Key focus words

*A detailed guidebook on how to use the information 

*Unique, contemplative sample spreads

*Easy to remember and repeat incantations

*A detailed reading/guidance 

*Easy to undertake rituals, spells and more 





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