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Year Two

Roots, Trunk & Branches

Roots Shamanic Homestudies Course Spiritvisions
Trunk Shamanic Homestudies Course Spiritvisions
Branches Shamanic Homestudies Course Spiritvisions

In your second year of Walking the Sacred Wheel, you will turn towards, and learn to climb, the World Tree, the Axis Mundi, the Tree of Life.


This tree, representing you and the universal in all aspects, stands at the centre of theWheel. It reaches deep into the Earth and extends into the highest echelons of the Cosmos. It is from this primordial vertical inheritance that we will move into the core of our spiritual teachings. Through the branches and leaves we will continue to explore and be nourished by spiritual traditions and world religions that give life to the single trunk. As a living, active being you have already travelled some of its paths and become familiar with some of the energies represented on the tree.

During this year, in accessing the shaman within, you’ll develop a more conscious relationship with the tree of
life and the elements within yourself. You will find your first teachers; Earth, Air, Fire and Water there, as well
as other energies represented by such ancient archetypes as the Seeker, High Priestess, the Warrior, the
Hero and the Clown or Fool.


Be open to your path and the learnings that you will receive. Remember, you cannot guide other souls along paths that you have not walked.

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