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Hail and Welcome to the world of Spirit Visions

Barbara Meiklejohn-Free & Flavia Kate Peters’

Magickal Emporium in Buxton.

Suppliers of craft tools, spiritual products, books & oracle decks, pagan, hippie & funky clothing.

Spirit Visions Barbara Meiklejohn-free Flavia Kate Peters Spirit Visions Wholesale

Known as the UK’s Celebrity witches, Flavia & Barbara are both High Priestesses and teachers of natural and ancient magic, who initiate others through the rites of passage of Wise-craft. 

Spiritvisions Barbara Meiklejohn-Free Flavia Kate Peters

They work extensively around the world to awaken others to the magic of the Old Ways, through workshops, rituals and ceremonies, and are regular presenters on the MBS and Pagan circuit, as well as key-note speakers at Witchfest International. A formidable duo, Barbara and Flavia are well known for their powerful manifestation and Spellcasting abilities and teach others to release their fears in order to create the future they desire.


Television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel & This Morning.  


They regularly write for Spirit and Destiny magazine, FAE Magazine and Witchcraft & Wicca and are considered as the UKs favourite and revered Wise Women.

2024 Witch's Diary

A must-have magical tool for anyone who has a love of the natural world and wants to bring the power and magick of the Old Ways into their everyday lives.

Does your heart feel the pull of nature and do you hear the whispers of the ancestors on the breeze? Do you bask in the power of the sun and the moon, welcome the cycles of the seasons and yearn for a deep connection with the earth? Witches have been around since the beginning of time, harnessing magick and connecting with higher powers. They were the wise ones of the village and used their knowledge of nature to heal the sick and restore balance to the world around them. The 2024 Witch's Diary will awaken the witch within and help you discover the freedom to express who you truly are. This practical guide will show you how to harness the magic of nature, reclaim your personal power through the discovery of ancient wisdom and embrace the feminine divine. You will journey through the year, learning to work with the forces of nature through spell work, incantations, rituals, sigils, age-old recipes and charms that use herbs, candles and crystals.

Pre-order here


It is the Dark Goddess who instigates big changes, in return for new life. She is the Dark One who spins your web of fate and teaches, through her deep wisdom, harsh life lessons that many wish to avoid.

She is present at midnight, the witching hour, and embraces her shadow side, the side we all try to avoid, for she is one who knows exactly who she is. She is death and rebirth, and if you are not afraid to leave all of your hurts behind in return for a little transformation she will strip you of all you no longer need, in a heart beat. She will wave her wand and bestow upon you all of Her gifts of magical powers and peace of mind, in return for your surrender.

You must have faith in the process as you are introduced to each dark goddess in turn, during each phase. Just as you wouldn't like to be told the ending of a movie you were watching, it's so important to completely surrender and trust in the mystery as you walk towards your goal of ultimate transformation. For it will all become clear as you follow the wisdom of each of the dark goddesses you are to meet, at every stage of the dark night of the soul.

She is waiting for you now in her many forms, as she beckons you to take your first sacred steps into the darkness.

Scottish Witchcraft Barbara Meiklejohn-Free Spiritvisions
Magickal Mermaids Flavia Kate Peters Spiritvisions

Discover how to harness your personal power as you magically forge together the mystical forces of nature in conjunction with ancient wisdom, magick and ritual.

Its time for all witches to re-awaken to the magick of the Old Ways. Oracle of the Witch has been created to empower all those who wish to explore the ancient path of the wise, it is packed with wisdom and guidance, it can also be used as a teaching tool for both seasoned witches, or dabblers.

Each card has a magical message and witch tips. Understand the shadow side and light side of messages and a magickal Incantation in supplied to enable any magical practitioner to draw from and connect with the ancient wisdom of yesteryear.

Order them now HERE! 

Flavia Kate Peters Hay House Spiritvisions

Does your life need a little more magic?

You have natural magical abilities, and if you believe and act with open- and warm-hearted intentions, fairy magic will seek you out. Through connecting and working the fairy realm, you will discover how to become attuned with the natural world, employ fairy healing energy to enhance your wellbeing, and begin to manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

Barbara’s book "Scottish Witchcraft" has been a lifetime in the making, taking you on a journey that taps into divination, scrying, herb and plant lore, faery magick, communing with the ancestors, spells, rituals, and so much more… And it is with great pleasure that Flavia presents Magickal Mermaids (Rockpool Publishing). Tap into the energy frequency of these goddesses of the water whose magick is profound and nurturing, and because of their links with recovering sunken treasures and receiving coins for wishes, you can ask them to fill your inner storeroom with a bounty of riches.

However, if Elementals of the four-legged kind are more your calling, then Flavia’s Magickal Unicorns (Rockpool publishing) is what you are looking for. Discover the path of ancient Unicorn magick and lore. Learn to awaken, connect and heal with these creatures as you shift your energy to a different realm. Wishes, invocations, meditations and easy to learn spell-work all feature in this book, enhancing our natural magickal abilities to bring about healing and balance into our lives. Just visit our our online shop to order your copies today!

To make the most of our online presence jump on a broomstick with Barbara to discover how she became The Highland Seer, or wander through the woods with Flavia to better understand what it is to be a Faery Seer and Sea Witch. Share in their wisdom via the written and spoken form, and discover the many healing talents they have to offer, such as  Mediumship Demonstrations, Initiations & Sacred Journeys.

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