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Flower Illustration

Flavia Kate Peters

Flower Illustration
Flavia Kate Peters Hay House Spiritvisions

Spending a great deal of my childhood in nature, especially in the woods, I have always communed with spirits of nature. My first experience was at three years old when I peered up through an ancient old large Oak Tree and saw flashing, sparkling lights of colour. Since that very first connection I have had many meetings and miracles with the faery realm. Now, I teach others to affiliate and work with these mystical beings by connecting with the magic that is within and around all of us that is alive.

My heart and soul’s path embrace Paganism, Wiccan and Shamanism, which I weave into my work and way of life.  I am a High Priestess of the Morrighan and connect with the ancient Celtic deities of the British Isles,  who awaken the natural mystic residing in our very being, to bring back harmony, a love of our lands and the power to manifest for the highest good.

My love for the element of FIRE inspired me to dye my natural blonde hair bright red for a time. It was during a period of a Dark Night of the Soul – a shamanic rite of passage of Death & Rebirth. My connection with fire led me to train as a Fire-walking instructor, and I now encourage and inspire many to lose their worries, doubts and fears as they tread the path of scorching hot coals towards their chosen destiny. Believe me, there is nothing more empowering than walking on fire, under a full moon, sky-clad!

Flavia Kate Peters Fire Walk Spiritvisions

As a child, I often heard the angels singing and found that I connected with them effortlessly. I am a natural spiritual healer, counsellor and teacher who works with the energies of the angels to bring one’s body, mind and soul back into balance… As an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Advanced. I work with a person’s guardian angels and the archangels to bring about physical, emotional, and mental well-being to those who are guided to me.  I offer Angel Therapies, Angel Readings & Guidance, Reiki (Teacher & Master), Unicorn & Mermaid Healing & Attunements, Crystal Therapy as well as holding regular Meditation Groups, Talks, Workshops & Events. My popular Certificated Angel Energy Practitioner® course is held at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies, London, Buxton, Derbyshire and Scotland!

Flavia Kate Peters Course Spiritvisions
Flavia Kate Peters Faery Seer

Though I have contributed and co-authored many books I was delighted when my debut book, Way of the Faery Shaman (Moon Books) went straight to No 1. It is a wonderful handbook full of faery spells, meditation, tips and guidance of how to connect and work with the very real elemental realm and the elements. This book has been followed up by my second offering on the subject, this time with Hay House (UK), entitled  ‘Fairies – Discover the Magical World of the Nature Spirits’. Both were inspired by my close relationship with the faeries. I am a regular columnist for the very beautiful FAE (Faeries & Enchantment) Magazine and the FAERY DOCTOUR for Health & Happiness Mag, plus make regular contributions to Spirit and Destiny, Witchcraft and Wicca, Fate & Fortune, Out & About magazines, to name a few. Check out full details for all of the above at

I offer Healing, Attunements, Readings and Guidance as well as giving Talks & Workshops nationwide. Most weekends are spent attending, giving talks and performing at events such as Mind Body Spirit, Pagan Federation, Witchfest and others in the UK  and further afield. With over 20 years of live stage experience, I also sing with the awesome goddess band ‘Daughters of Gaia’ and at events & ceremonies with fellow chantress Barbara Meiklejohn-Free as the duo ‘Heaven and Earth’ and with the band ‘The Collective’ throughout the UK.

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“The Earth needs your help.
The Fae are calling you to harness the power of Nature. In return, they offer assistance to enable you to thrive in this very modern world, in balance and harmony, and with a sprinkle of very real magic.”
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