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Shamanic Homestudies Course


with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free (Honourary Elder, Seer and High Priestess with 30 years experience as a practising Shaman, Teacher and Healer) and in partnership with Sacred Circles Institute, CA, USA. 

Spiritvisions The Shaman Within

The amazing and profoundly life enhancing teachings of the four corners of the globe are brought together in this fantastic correspondence course. This is a fully accredited course, that is designed to encompass an entire calendar year, provides the student with a solid foundation in the ways of earth traditions, rites, rituals, tools and understandings. The course comprises of 14 modules or ‘Lessons; an Introductory Lesson: to include a fully glossary of terms, 12 further lessons, and a thirteenth, Summary Lesson. As with all authentic earth traditions, this course is lead by the seasons so you can start at anytime.

  • Guidelines for the course and this lesson

  • Purification & Cleansing (the whys, whens and how to)

  • Your Growth Journal

  • Centering & Grounding

  • Creating Altars

  • Protection – calling in and releasing the directions

  • The Sacred Circle

  • Questionnaire

  • 20 Page Spiritual perspective & Wheel Walk Glossary

Spiritvisions The Shaman Within

The Lessons are one of the most authentic, comprehensive and well researched of their kind and not only offer the opportunity for great learning and spiritual development but combine to provide one of the best ‘Shamanic Almanacs’ available to date - presented as a downloadable PDF.

Visit the four Gates today to discover what lies in wait to fill you with understanding, appreciation and joy for life:

This course leads onto a further years study at the end of which the student will, based on a ‘pass’ on completion, be fully accredited to teach Shamanic Practices. This second year is by no means compulsory, but if undertaken includes four residentials, e.g. Atlow Mill in Derbyshire, Brightlife on The Isle of Man. To find out more please email

*Payments are non-refundable.

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