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So what does it all mean?

Below you will find explanations for the things I do, the terminology used and how these ancient wisdoms work with all aspects of your being. Simply scroll down to find the answers you seek.  If you have any further questions feel free to email me direct using

Cord Cutting – When someone passes to the spirit world the cords are still connected, we work at releasing them into the spirit world and moving you forward, to understand that death does not separate us. Also we cut the ties/cords from people around us who drain our energy fields with there negative energy bonds on a seen and unseen level. This also helps people with a drink or drug problem, by extracting them from the lower astral worlds and replacing their energy back to themselves.

Croning Ceremony – As women, we have lost touch with honouring our Wise Woman years. It is a time for a sacred marriage to ourselves, to honour what we have achieved in our lives. How in the coming years we can walk into our Wise woman years getting in touch with who we are and how we will live out the rest of our years, acknowledge how very sacred and special we are.

Dowsing – An ancient method of searching for something, using simple hand held tools (pendulums or rods), which is otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. It can be applied to searches for minerals, sources of energy, even for answers to health issues. It is most commonly known in association with searching for underground water. I apply this method, for example, in House Clearing work see below).

Emotional Block Release – Emotions that are trapped within the bodies energy field are located and then released using a variety of methods.

House Blessing – Calling on the ancestors to welcome you into your new house, asking permission to live and be at peace within the house, work etc, balancing the elements in and around your lifestyle .

House Clearing – Dowsing the Ley lines and energy lines to clear the energy around the house and to re-balance the sacred space, for all the time lines in all of the past lives of people that have lived on the site before.

Mediumship/Trance Mediumship – A medium is the link between this world and the world of spirit using their clairoyance to see spirit, clairaudience to hear spirit, and clairsentience to sense spirit. I have been working as a medium since I was twelve years old. I use all my gifts and abilities as a medium to pass on messages from loved ones in the spirit world to friends and families in this world. In this way I am helping the world of spirit to communicate information that they where not able to talk about, for example people who died suddenly like suicides, car accidents. Our ancestors can come back to clear up many things;  misunderstandings and they genuinely want to help and heal. To see their loved ones on the Earth plane happy and well, and to let them know that they are always with them is their greatest gift. I work and travel in the UK and abroad doing readings, demonstrations, with many different mediums, including Psychic artist Patrick Gamble. For further info on readings contact The College of Psychic Studies London, 0207 589 3292 or e-mail me on

Naming Ceremony – At birth we are given a name, for the native peoples they grow up and then take on a name which they then honour and learn to walk. For us here in the UK many of us are crying out for a name, a medicine name, to empower us, and to teach us. This is about calling out to spirit though visions, dreams, to find your name, or you can approach an elder and ask for your medicine name. Always have a gift ready to give to the shaman, medicine person, when doing this, and then wait, do not be impatience, as it can sometimes take a while. Then when you are gifted with a name, learn to walk your talk.

Pastlife Regression – When I was 30 a vision of mine became very real after travelling to Egypt when I walked into a past life. This changed my life in a very deep way. I had always been aware of past lives through my visions and dreams and through my journeys around the land that I had once lived upon. I started to work in regressing both myself and others to take that journey back to our former lives. This works with unhealed issues arising from traumas of death, unfinished business, lost loves, soul mates, problems with health and psychical manifestations in the body which have been brought forward into this life time. Looking at it on all levels, from the mind, body, spirit, psychical and emotional levels I can unlock problems unhealed from past lives. To walk into your future you have to understand your past.

Psychic Training – Your psychic training starts at birth though your sixth sense which for a lot of you is hidden. It would be great if there was a Hog Worts Harry Potters school, then everybody would have a great sixth sense. To be able to work and live in between the worlds of the seen and unseen, using your gifts and abilities everyday, trusting your intuition, your feelings and your knowing. It would help you every day, so its time to tune in, awaken your inner knowing and start your psychic training.

Rebirthing – Is a healing process that cleanses and clears away all old pattering. It can happen while trance dancing, using the breath, in mediation and in any situation that is involved in breath work. It is being reborn again, going back into the mothers womb, to experience a new way of seeing through the eyes of a child.

Rites of Passage – Today within our 21st century we are disconnected from our Rites of Passage; birth, naming, coming of age, marriage, motherhood and death. With this ceremony we connect back to our natural ways of living.

Seership –  I have been working with Seership since I was twelve years old, combining Mediumship, Shamanic Healing, Past Life Regression, Rebirthing, Soul Retrieval and my Psychic abilities to form a deep understanding of the ancient art of Seership. From the beginning of time seership was revealed unto those who searched for the truth of the universe; for Seership is the birthright of every soul. It is the ability to be able to travel the time lines into the past, present and the future, to be able to hear, see and know the seen and unseen. It is to be a ‘walker’ between all the worlds and realities, to be able to help people to rediscover who they are, where they have come from and find out thier life purpose. By helping to understand this they can create their own destiny and so become one with their hearts, spirits, souls and the entire cosmos of life.

Shamanism – Is the oldest spiritual way of life stemming from thousands of years ago from many different cultures and lands, it reaches deep into our ancestral memory. It is an experience, a feeling that comes from deep within our very being, our very bones, it is life itself. The shaman is one who is the visionary, who is the dreamer who travels the worlds in a trance states with his allies, and power animals, and spirit helpers, journeying upon the tree of life the axia mundi. Everyone is different, unique, special, no two shamans are the same, no rules and regulations, only that we honour the earth, every other life form on this Earth, and honour ourselves.

Shamanic Drumming – Is a time honoured tradition dating back thousands of years, connecting to a sacred language of sound and vibration, connecting to the heartbeat of life, ourselves and our Mother the Earth. I have been working with drums for healing, journeying, trance and chanting for over 20 years. I use native American drums as the energy is amazing, we pray and invoke the spirit of the animal, wood, totem, spirit of the drum and stone or crystal people. In ceremony they are combined to become one, ready to journey to the other worlds. My CD The Spirit of the Drum is out now, which takes you through the different beats, a drum journey of 20 mins and a journeying to meet your power animals is included on this wonderful CD. You can also look at the amazing drums painted by Yuri, or see the amazing crystal and stone people drums on the shop section on my website. They are looking for good homes, a drum is for life, your best friend and spiritual teacher.

Shamanic Healing – I have been working with shamanic healing for over 20 years, learning first hand from elders, from around the world. I work with drums, feathers, crystals, extraction and sacred plant medicines to look at the body on all levels. As a child I was always able to see into the body and locate where the problem was, be it on a mental, psychical, emotional, or spiritual level. I can see the cause be it cord removal, soul retrieval, emotional block release, rebirthing, past lives, or other forms, in this world or in others causing attachments to the body. Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing in the world, and we can discover our authentic self and surrender to the understanding of why our bodies, minds and spirit requires healing.

Shamanic Journeying – During the shamanic journey we reawaken within us a memory of the times when we connected with the land of our birth, when we lived between the worlds, and were able to travel between the lower, middle and upper worlds freely. To understand that there is no separation between them, that the tree of life is the roots of our very being, the trunk our body that roots us into this world, and our branches that reach out and up to the sky and the spirit world. When we journey our shamanic drum takes us to those worlds, it shows us the way of our true path, for you need to create your path, your life. Be different, be the first road builder in your first steps to a new way of life.

Soul Retrieval  – The feeling that you have lost something, your heart, your feelings, your passion, this is a way of reclaiming and reuniting what you have lost. When we lose someone we love, we lose someone to the spirit world, this is soul loss, it is replacing the missing parts back into our energy field to make us whole and complete again.

Spirit Release – By using various herbs sages and incenses we do a purification ceremony revitalising negative, unwanted, lost spirits, to help them towards there own worlds, to be the mediator for them, to give them an understanding that they can move on.


Barbara does the following either in workshops or in private sessions (please email for availability).

Singing and Chanting, Fluting, Trance Dance, Emotional Block Release, Cord Cutting (removal/extractions), Rites of Passage, Space Clearing, House Clearing, House  Blessing, Croning Ceremony,  Pagan/Wiccan Handfasting, Naming Ceremony, Wiccan, Druid, Pagan, Celtic, Native American, Plant Medicine Teachings and Sacred Tantra Sexuality.

Barbara is  also available for the following private readings either at shows, workshops or at Arnemetia The Purple Shop in Buxton: Seership, Mediumship, Tarot, Runes, Crystal Ball, Scrying, Life readings.

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