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Daughters of Gaia


‘Daughters of Gaia’ is the much-loved celebration of the Goddess and pathways of the ancients, envisaged in inspirational music and song. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters are the voices that deliver this magic, and along with their diverse instrumental talents,  many guest musicians and producers add their gifts on the various albums, and at events and shows across the country, where they are a popular headlining act.


Founding the band in 2002, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free saw the need for a special kind of music to engage the spiritual masses that combined powerful, life-affirming messages, rooted in the authentic tribal traditions, with uplifting, rhythmic and inspiring sounds that employ traditional instruments along, with all that modern day electronic gadgetry can offer. Having always sung and played a range of instruments, including native american drums and flutes, this band elevated her performances that not only move the body but lift the spirit and feed the soul.

Flavia Kate Peters joined the band in 2012, at a pivitol moment, providing the perfect balance in tone that Barbara had been seeking for some years. Flavia’s years of theatrical performances, talent for harmonising and lyrical brilliance has brought a most professional work ethic and sound to the band, and the albums released since her addition reflect this in their popularity across all musical tastes, ages and genres.

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