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The tying of hands together, in a Handfasting Ceremony, is a pagan betrothal custom for couples to make a formal promise, a contract, a commitment to one another. Depending on personal wishes the couple may choose to commit for either a year and a day, a life time, or for all of eternity, as they jump over the fire or a broomstick.

Hanfasting celebrates unity and is undertaken by those who wish to announce a betrothal in acknowledgement of their readiness to make a sacred commitment. This can also be to yourself; to promise to love, cherish and honour all of who you are and to never betray yourself in favour of another, including what you hold dear or believe. It is also a way of declaring your ‘marriage’ to Spirit, and invites you to humbly come before The Lord and Lady to declare your undying love in dedication to their service.

Preparation is key, especially when you have guests, so do get in touch early in order that we can have the site and ceremony just as you wish. We may need to secure special permissions to access lands or have sufficient time for example if you want a sacred fire etc.

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Image is from the Witches' Wisdom Oracle Deck by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters.

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