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Magickal Mermaids

Magickal Mermaids


It is time to reap the magic and abundance that has been bubbling under the surface and dive right in to stir the siren within, to uncover the inner treasure that is waiting to be revealed. Faeries of the seas, mermaids are alluring elementals who help to ignite your own sensuality and seductive powers, whether male or female, and harness your natural powerful manifestation abilities.


By Flavia Kate Peters
Extent: 224 pages
ISBN: 9781925682434
Rockpool Publishing

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    Discover how to tap into the magical energy frequency of these empowering goddesses of the water to enhance every aspect of your life. The magic of mermaids is deep and nurturing, and because of their links with recovering sunken treasures and receiving coins for wishes you can ask them to fill your inner storeroom with a bounty of riches.

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