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The Heart Of All Knowing (signed copy)

The Heart Of All Knowing (signed copy)


True Seers create and recreate their destinies. They live with the memory of who they were before this life, and in connection with the world and the spirits around them. Followers of this ‘right-brained’ tradition later came to be variously called prophets and guides, shamans and sages, mystics and saints, magicians and witches, mediums and psychics. But they share the same principles, outlined here by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free.


By Barabara Meiklejohn-Free
Foreword by Philip Gardiner
Extent: 240 pages
ISBN: 9781846940705

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    The Heart Of All Knowing covers the history of seership, how to honour our ancestors, heal and love ourselves, trust and hear our spirits, find and remember our souls, dreams and divination. Exercises end each chapter to help to awaken the conscious heart. We can all live as seers today, in tune with our instincts, our hopes and gifts, waking up from who we are not and becoming who we were born to be. See your world through the sense of the heart.

    What others have said about this book:

    “The Heart of All Knowing” is a wonderful aid for people looking at how they can claim their own gift of seership. Barbara did a great job in lighting a path for those searching for how to remember the gifts they were born with. Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval.

    This takes us on a magical journey, sharing fascinating adventures and experiences of life, traveling from the Highlands of Scotland, to the Native American Homelands, to deep within the Amazon jungle, into the heart of the Egyptian ancient temples, to discover, know and understand the wisdom of Seership. It helps us to recognise, who we are and where we have come from. Uri Geller.

    In this special book she (Barbara) shares her own magical journey and will hold out her hand to escort readers on their first perfect steps to recall their own inner wisdom.    Be prepared to be changed by this brilliant first book by ‘The Seer’. Jacky Newcomb, author of the best sellers An Angel Saved My Life and An Angel By My Side.

    Intimate and compulsive reading, I loved it! Donald McKinney, author of Celtic Angels and Walking the Mist.

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